Midwest Wildflowers

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Check out a wildflower field guide at the Franklin-Springboro Public Library and head to the trails!  As the seasons progress native flowers emerge in succession.  The Bellwort is a spring flower that is found throughout the Midwest.  Early settlers cooked the upper stem and leaves as greens and used the roots to treat canker sores. 





The soft color of phlox is always a welcome sign of spring.  From mid-spring to early summer it is common on slopes, ravines, and valley bottoms.  The overwintering greens are eaten by white-tailed deer.  Leaf tea was used in pioneer medicine to treat eczema and as a blood purifier.



Dutchman's Breeches


Billowing Dutchman's Breeches cascade near slope bases and in wooded valleys throughout the Midwest in Spring.  Browse the 500 section of the Dewey Decimal system at the Franklin-Springboro Library and discover all the wonders of nature in books.