Library Savings Calculator

Calculate the Value of Library Materials & Services

Library ServiceValue of ServiceBased On
Adult Books Borrowed$ average price
Young Adult Books Borrowed$ average price
Children Books Borrowed$ average price
Audiobooks Borrowed$ download average
Interlibrary Loan Requests$ average price plus shipping
Magazines Read$5.00Estimated purchase price average
Newspapers Read$9.50Boston Globe subscription (outside city)
Movies Borrowed$15.49Estimated Netflix average
Video Games$60.00Estimated GameStop/Amazon average
eBooks Downloaded$15.00Estimated B&N/Amazon average
CDs Borrowed$9.95iTunes download album average
Music Downloaded$1.00iTunes download song average
Meeting Room + Technology Use (per hour)$185.00Estimated value
Reference Assistance$7.00Average library cost
Database Searches$19.95Average cost for online article search
Computer Training Classes (per hour)$ average price
Computer Use (per hour)$27.00FedEx/Kinkos price
Adult Programs Attended$15.00Entertainment/program admission fee - estimated average per adult
Young Adult Programs Attended$12.00Entertainment/program admission fee - estimated average per youth
Children's Programs Attended$7.00Entertainment/program admission fee - estimated average per child